Executive Council plans basketball homecoming


Executive Council is planning Manual’s basketball homecoming, which will take place on Jan. 25 at Noe Middle School.

Homecoming will take place after the basketball game against Atherton. This year’s homecoming theme will be black and white.

Currently the council is working on decoration plans; many ballons will be a central decoration. Planning will be put on hold due to the Christmas party for the council, but will resume at their next meeting on Wednesday Jan. 9.

Some people are a little skeptical about this year’s dance in hopes that it will be better than previous ones. “At the last dance, administrators left the lights on and the music was terrible, it was too hot to do any dancing or enjoy the night at all,” says Elliot Roman (9).

“I always look forward to dances. They may not the the greatest thing ever, but you have to make them fun. Hopefully people will realize that and this year will be better than last,” says Kelsey Wendler (10).