On the Sidelines: Tyler Johnson eyes college lacrosse


Patrick Frentz

One member of the boys lacrosse team has his eyes on the next level. Senior, Tyler Johnson is currently committed to play lacrosse for Ithaca College.  Johnson chose Ithaca over Transylvania, Centre, and Colorado College.  Johnson said his decision mainly came down to Ithaca and Transylvania.
Ithaca College is a small Division 3 school located in Ithaca, New York.  Ithaca College did not finish in the final top 25 rankings for division 3 last year, but was ranked throughout the year. Johnson says this was a deciding factor in his commitment. “Ithaca is a top 25 program while Transy is a new program so I felt like Ithaca would challenge me more and help me get a lot better,” Johnson said. 
Johnson said that Ithaca, NY being so far away did not sway his decision either way and is not worried about being far from home. However, it may have helped out choosing Ithaca. “I want to meet a lot of new people and at Transy it will be a lot of people from Louisville,” said Johnson. 
Even though Johnson is committed  he says he is not for sure going to Ithaca. Johnson is awaiting his financial aid offers and amounts to make a final decision. “If I can afford Ithaca then I will definitely go there, I just have to wait and see,” said Johnson.