Opinion: American-made Macs will greatly impact economy

Opinion: American-made Macs will greatly impact economy

Graham Manuel

In December, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced in an interview with Brian Williams that next year, Apple will produce one of their existing Mac lines in America. Cook also noted that some of the components in Apple’s products are already produced in America and then exported. He went on to say that a problem with producing products in America is that over time, the skills associated with manufacturing have left the country.

It’s nice to see that Apple will soon create jobs in America but why didn’t this happen sooner? Cook said that two parts of the iPhone are made in the USA and then exported. So it seems like Apple has been working to produce products in America but have a lot of work to do. Let’s be honest though, Apple could have been producing products in America for a long time. Dell used to produce products in America and has been doing so since 1999 but ended up moving production out of the U.S. because it was cheaper to do so. I can understand that the products aren’t made in America due to a price factor but Tim Cook said that it didn’t have to due with price. He said that it had to do with the skills needed to produce the products. Apparently, we do have the skills to produce computers if Dell used to do it.

Apple appears to be a company that wants to look like their products are made in America even though they are not. If you look to see where the product is created, you will find that is says “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China.” I don’t think I have ever seen a product that states where it has been designed except for Apple products. This is what leads me to believe that Apple wants to look like a company that supports American jobs even though they aren’t doing that to the extent they could be.

I am ecstatic that Tim Cook and the rest of Apple are working to change that though. America desperately needs these jobs. Even though 155,000 jobs were added December, the unemployment rate stayed at 7.8 percent. That leaves an estimated 12.2 MILLION people out of work. So, when Apple brings jobs to America, there will be plenty of people to work. I know that many of these people probably aren’t qualified to work with these jobs but I bet that they will be more than happy to become qualified in order to earn a pay check again and support themselves and their families.