GSTA holds meeting to make posters and discuss asexuality

GSTA holds meeting to make posters and discuss asexuality

Spencer Kincaid

Manual’s Gay/Straight/Transgender Alliance (GSTA) held a meeting on Jan. 14 from 2:30—3:30 to discuss asexuality and make posters about important and interesting topics surrounding LGBT issues.

After starting off the meeting with snacks, GSTA Secretary Margo Birdwhistell (11) began a roundtable discussion on the normality of asexuality, the lack of sexual attraction.

In the discussion, she criticized a FOX News video Asexuality: A Sexual Orientation? in which FOX News anchor Greg Gutfeld suggests that asexuality is a sickness and not related to other LGBT groups while discussing the book Understanding Asexuality by Anthony F. Bogaert.

“Does sexual attraction take up so much of your life that you can’t do anything?” Birdwhistell asked rhetorically during the discussion.

After the discussion on asexuality, GSTA members separated into groups to make posters about openly-gay public official Harvey Milk, the New York Stonewall Riots, and LGBT rights around the world.

GSTA President Zoe Schaver (12) saw the posters as a change in GSTA meetings.

“One thing that I think our club lacks is internal education,” Schaver said. “We spend a lot of time trying to reach out to the student body and not enough becoming more acquainted with our community and its history.”