Opinion: Lanyards will not harm students’ school experience


Graham Manuel

Lanyards were passed out on Wednesday Jan. 23 and along with them, student’s complaints. Actually students started complain as soon as they found out we would be required to wear them. What’s the big deal? Why does it bother you that we have to wear our IDs? I don’t understand what there is to complain about.

Students are acting like the school is requiring us to wear uniforms. The administration just wants us to wear our IDs because they believe it will create a safer environment. Many students own lanyards and wear them anyway, so why is it a big deal? Is it because you have a bad ID picture? Let’s be honest. Many students have bad ID pictures, including myself, so I don’t think anyone will make fun of any picture. It might be funny to see everyone’s picture at first, but within a few weeks, students won’t notice anymore. It will become something that we get used to. Maybe it’s because you believe you will end up leaving it at home. A student might forget it a couple times, but after a while, it will become second nature.

Manual is not the only school to require their students to wear lanyards with their IDs. We are not being asked to do something that other schools have not considered and implemented already. Some schools have implemented much more extreme policies. We already have a good amount of freedom compared to other school’s policies and will probably always have more freedom then most high schools. This policy is not taking any of that freedom away from us. It’s just requiring us to wear something we normally wont.

I don’t understand how wearing lanyards will create a safer environment though. I don’t believe that wearing our IDs will stop people from entering the school and causing harm so I don’t think it will do any good. What I’m saying is that if it makes the administration happy, then it’s not going to hurt us to do it.

I believe the administration has thought of other ideas to create a safer environment and I think that some of the other options would restrict us. Wearing a lanyard doesn’t restrict us in any way. This is actually a good thing for us. It keeps the administration happy and doesn’t cause us to change our day-to-day activities. So do everyone a favor and quit whining about something that is barely going to affect you.