Manual varsity quick recall team prepares for Governor’s Cup

Tony Nguyen

The Varsity and JV quick recall teams met in room 226 for a combine practice quick recall match on Wednesday, Jan. 30. After their victory last Tuesday at the district level Governor’s Cup, Manual’s quick recall teams are working to prepare themselves for the upcoming Regional Governor’s Cup.

Thirteen quick recall members gathered in Ms. Cynthia Shiroma’s room (Latin) for the practice matches. The members divided into 2 teams and had two 5-on-5 practice matches covering topics ranging from biology to Greek mythology. The remaining three members took turn tallying scores for the matches. “We are starting to ask questions from a wide variety of topics in order to better prepare ourselves for the Governor’s Cup,” said David Ferguso (12).

“The team has worked hard this year and I expect them to do well. I hope that they win the Governor’s Cup,” Ms. Cynthia Shiroma, the team sponsor, said. “I probably couldn’t remember all of the stuff that these kids know.”

The Regional Governor’s cup is on Feb. 16. The location of the competition has yet to be announced.