Stage Door gets off to a chaotic start due to confusion


Rumors flew through YPAS on January 18 saying that the Stage Door cast list would be posted that day. The rumors ended up being untrue.

“The cast list was supposed to be up, and I was stressing out all the night before. Since it wasn’t posted I’m just going to have to wait even longer,” said Nick Struck (10).

The suspense of waiting for the cast list is probably what led up to the rumors beginning. “I think people were just excited,” said Annie Stone (10).

The cast list for Stage Door was actually posted on January 22. “I’m a little scared to see the cast list go up because you never know what the director is looking for,” said Stone.

Even auditions got off to a rocky start for Stage Door. Only 14 people showed up on the first day; many people who scheduled an audition cancelled or didn’t show up. On the second day over 30 people came and were there until 7 p.m.

The play takes place in the 1930s. “I would consider Stage Door to be a little out of YPAS’s comfort zone,” said Struck.

“I’m interested to see how YPAS will portray the time period,” said Stone.