Manual alumni Dave Carroll releases fourth album


Manual graduate Dave Carroll (‘12) released his fourth album, MorningPlaces, under the name TinyForest in November 2012.

Carroll, who was a member of the band The Sunday Proposition while at Manual, has decided to move from his post rock origins to a new electronic project.

“The goal is to take unsuspecting elements of songs or sounds and turn them into something groovy. People tell me it’s really weird, to which I am fully aware; I’m a weird person, and therefore, that’s the point of it for me,” Carroll said.

“Being in college and living in a dorm has essentially prohibited me from the luxury of playing guitar with a band, so this project is basically me trying to pursue the dream I always had of doing electronic music,” Carroll said.

Although Carroll is moving in a new direction with MorningPlaces, he is looking forward to sharing his songs and tapping into a new sound.

Regardless of the genre, music has always had a significant impact on the life of Carroll, and going to Manual gave him a chance to befriend like-minded people and create an even greater love of music.

“Being around like-minded people in whichever interest you are most passionate is the most essential thing you can do as a student to get your mind outside of the negative things school can bring upon you,” Carroll said.