Manual’s baseball conditioning comes to an end


Manual’s baseball team will end their four-month long conditioning season this Friday, February 8. They will start practicing the following Friday, February 15 to prepare for their upcoming season.

“We’ve been working really hard for when practice starts. We have been having some offseason practices on Saturdays and I think that they will really help us this season,” said Benjamin Cooper (10).

To prepare for the season, the team will also be having an inner squad scrimmage on Friday, February 15 at Manual Stadium. “We usually kick off the season with an inner squad game to get everyone pumped about the season,” said Samuel Coryell (11).

Everyone, especially the seniors, are looking forward to a great season this year.

“Over these past four years I haven’t been apart of just a team. I’ve been apart of a family and I’m not leaving without doing something big. We aren’t taking no for an answer this year. We have waited four years for this, we’re ready to flip the script,” said Nathan Smith (12)

The team is ready to use all of the hard work they had during conditioning and turn it into a successful year for the Crimsons.