Gallery: A somber field trip


Meredith Bell

Every year, Ms. Kederis’ Holocaust class takes a one-day field trip to Washington DC to see the Holocaust Museum and other sites.

Maddie Whitfield (12) takes a picture of her friends at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.
Joseph Tufaro (11) talks with his friends at the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial trying to withstand the cold wind.
Kellie Goff (12) and Tara Steiden (12) get a last charge before boarding their flight to go home after a long day in DC.
Kellie Goff (12) contacts her mother letting her know that it wont be long until she will be leaving DC.
Maddie Whitfield (12) finally takes a rest after a long day on her feet, ready to be home.
Atherton High School and Manual High School load back on the bus to union station for dinner before heading to the airport.
Brooke Harness (12) is taken by the women who doesn’t move outside the White House.
Joseph Tufaro (11) talks to his friends trying to forget about the cold.
Some of the students on the field trip talk to the women and men protesting outside the White House to get more of the story.
Inside the Holocaust Museum, four-story walls are covered for photos of people from a single village that were slain in the Holocaust.