New Art Show on Display: The String Theory


The Norma E. Brown Gallery opened on December 9 for the second senior VA art show of the year: The String Theory. The show is open until the end of the current semester, displaying the work of seniors Rachel Doda, Marco Guzman, Chelsea Ising, Corey Jennings, Kayla Olson and Colleen Robertson.

“The String Theory” features the portfolios of the six seniors, with paintings, textiles, found object sculptures, as well as an installation piece in the center of the gallery that exhibits each individual artist. Over one hundred people attended the show and enjoyed a variety of free food and refreshments while viewing the works.

Sean Strain (12) attended the art show, commenting on the diversity of the work. “I really liked [the show]. I thought there was a variety of different styles and techniques from the artists and everyone there had something they liked.”

With only a three days to set up the entire art show, they felt like their original idea was definitely portrayed in the final product.

“We knew initially we wanted it to have something to do with connection, but we couldn’t think of how we could use that idea. Then Rachel Doda came up with “The String Theory,” which definitely showed how we wanted our show to be portrayed,” said Chelsea Ising (12).

“For the most part, I’m really proud of [our show],” said artist Cory Jennings (12). By Clara Campeau