Sound off: What do you think about Monday’s snow day?

The district called off school in Jefferson County due to slick roads, freezing temperatures and snow drifts. What do you think of the decision?

“I definitely think that JCPS gives snow days way too easily. Louisvillians seem to freak out when there’s any snow on the ground whatsoever. Not to say I don’t like the day off, but I’d rather have more summer than snow days. The superintendent and everyone in JCPS needs to put in a little more thought before calling off school.” — Chloe Smith (11)

“I enjoy snow days at the time but I usually regret them because I’d like to get out of school as early as possible, and get to enjoy as much of my summer and the warm weather as possible.” — Josh Bynum (11)

“It’s our Winter Orchestra Concert. The Philharmonia, Concert Orchestra, and a couple of quartets have been working on some really hard music, so it’s a disappointment not to be able to perform it today. I’m sure it will be rescheduled, but probably not until after the break, when we won’t have had the chance to rehearse for a long time. Some people might not even have the chance to practice over break. Plus, in the Philharmonia, we have a tradition of going to TGI Friday’s before concerts. We were looking forward to that too!” — Jalen Lee (12)

“I am very angry and not pleased in the least. I had two tests scheduled for today that are now on Wednesday which brings my grand total for exams on Wednesday to four.” –Kayla Johnson (12)

“I love it! I needed the break because we were going to have three straight weeks of no breaks before winter break. It gives me time to wind down and relax before mid-terms.”–Amanda Allen (11)

“I’m glad to have a long weekend and another day to study, but I don’t want too many more snow days. I’m ready to graduate.” –Kacie Wafford (12)

“I wish it had fallen after finals instead of before, but I am glad I got a chance to catch up on my sleep.” –Cassie Seelbach (12)

“I hate winter personally. I’m cool with missing this day because we are allowed four days before they start adding on days. I just want to graduate on time.” –Amesha Myers (12)

“It’s awesome! Best timing ever!” –Allan Bartlett (12)

“I love it. It’s so relaxing to have a break right before finals.” –Jordan Jenne (12)

“I’m glad we got a snow day! But I don’t think there is enough snow.” –Evelyn Gallagher (12)

“I still had a final for U of L so it didn’t do me any good and the roads aren’t even bad! But I’m still happy we didn’t have to go.” –Brandon Muncy (12)

“Even though I don’t want to delay graduation, I don’t mind the snow day. It’s a nice preview of Christmas break.” –Caylen Badgett (12)

“Snow days make me extra happy!” –Sophie McNeill (12)

“I was kind of glad to sleep in and now to only have a four day week, but I didn’t want to miss review for finals.” –Marissa Hale (12)

“It’s an extra study day. I would’ve been reviewing at school anyway, but now I get to do it at home while watching TV. So I like it, I guess.” –Romina Krosnyak (11)

“It’s nice to have a long weekend but it’s not worth it to miss a review day for finals. Plus, we are going to wish we weren’t off today around graduation time.” –Emma Davis (12)

“I am very excited about it because I have an extra day to study!” –Sophia Brown (11)

“Today is the day we got to review for finals; last minute questions and now we don’t get that.” –Amna Zolj (12)

“It’s much appreciated and gives me time to finish college applications!” –Jenna Becker (12)

“It’s awesome.” –Mary Daly (11)

“I needed a day off but it is unfortunate that graduation is going to get put back.” –Shelice Wright (12)

“I think it’s kind of pointless. I would have rather had a delay because now we have to make it up in the summer.” –Anna Dryden (11)

“I’m really enjoying it and I think it is a nice break right before finals. The down side is that I’ve missed my review day for some of my classes.” –Mason Gersh (10)

“I think it is awesome! I needed this day to prepare for upcoming finals.” –London Pool (12)

“As much as I will hate it later, I can never den the excellence of a snow day. The sledding and hot chocolate are amazing.” –Lauren Heavrin (12)

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