Manual graduate Ryan Hoke covers snowstorm

Manual graduate and meteorologist Ryan Hoke is blogging about current snow, freezing rain, and sleet in Louisville.

From Ryan Hoke’s blog:

I’m getting lots of questions about schools being open tomorrow and right now I can’t supply a definite answer. Locally in Louisville I think the side roads and streets will be dangerous tomorrow morning (4-10am), so that will probably be a strike against schools being open tomorrow. Road crews are hard at work on interstates and major roads, but we’ll see how surface temperatures cooperate with that overnight. Areas to our north with the heavy snow will also see many cancellations. This is still very much a “wait and see” game right now, but it’s not looking too good for us weather-wise at the moment.

Click here for Ryan Hoke’s blog with the latest developments, including radar of the area.