Spanish Honor Society convention to be held at Manual

High School will host the annual statewide convention for the Spanish Honor Society (Sociedad Honoria Hispanica or SHH) from February 25-26. It will be at Manual because Kshitija Madhira (12) is the state president of SHH and the convention is always held at the president’s school.

The convention will host representatives from all of the Kentucky counties with an SHH. New state officers will be elected, and schools activating or reactivating chapters will have their first inductions. Manual’s and other state officers will also organize activities such as cooking, games, and music.

One of Manual’s goals for the upcoming convention is to draw new schools to the SHH. The current number of active chapters is about fifty, and the SHH wants to raise it to 70.

“We get really excited when new schools want to be inducted,” said Ms. Ruth Pascual (Spanish), who is the state director. “We’re hoping to use (the convention) to get more schools to come by offering to do the inductions for them.”

Another goal is to increase the length of the activities the convention offers. “We’re trying to get a lot of game time,” said Madhira. “We want to do more interesting activities for longer periods of time.”

by Emily McConville