Stage Door cast prepares for the opening show



The YPAS cast for Stage Door prepare for their upcoming premiere night. Opening night for Stage Door is April 25 at 7:30 pm in the experimental theatre. A series of eight other performances follow opening night.

This is the magnet’s first time taking on the play Stage Door. “I think it is really cool that the magnet is taking on such a retro play,” said Anna Seiler (10).

Anticipation sets in for fellow cast member Amy Pan (11) as the opening date approaches. “As long as everything goes as planned I’ll be fine. I hope as a cast we give it all we got,” said Pan.

There are mixed feelings about Stage Door, some aren’t really expecting the best from it. “The play itself seems a little drab. I guess it just isn’t everyones cup of tea,” said Cassidy Meurer (10).

“There is a first for everything and it’s Stage Door’s turn at YPAS,” said Seiler.