Prom and Homecoming, Keeping Classes Busy

Nikia White

The classes of DuPont Manual are busily working to make sure every thing is ready for upcoming events.

The class of 2014, according to class sponsors, Ms. Williams (English) and Ms. Rich (Science), “are just painting signs and getting ready for homecoming.”

But they aren’t the only class preparing for homecoming, the class of 2013 is also preparing for the festivities.

“We’re just worried about getting [homecoming] signs painted,” says class sponsor, Ms. Darnell (English). “We’re getting ready for the dance. As far as sophomores go, we’re participating in the festivities, but junior year is when we really start brainstorming about prom.”

While the sophomores aren’t worried about prom, the class of 2012 is. The juniors just finished a fundraiser, the “Thirty-One” Gift fundraiser,  which sold customizable tote bags and other gifts to raise money for their prom.

The class of 2011 is also involved with getting prom taken care of. “We’re working on prom decorations, right now.” says Gabby Webb (12), an active member of the senior class steering committee.