Gallery: A swing and a miss for the varsity softball team


Kelsi White

On Tuesday, April 16 the varsity softball squad faced off against powerhouse Sacred Heart Academy resulting in a 9-1 loss for the Crimsons. Sacred Heart got an early lead that they were able to sustain throughout the game. The Crimsons did their best to hold off their opponent but ultimately couldn’t get the runs they needed to even the game.

IMG_1142 copy
After a SHA player makes it to base, Jannah Brentlinger (10, #7) regroups to make another pitch.
IMG_1155 copy
Shelby Dawson (12, #44) attempts to catch a grounder coming towards first.
IMG_1160 copy
Squaring up directly behind home, Savannah Madison (12, #5) catches the ball after an attempted hit.
IMG_1228 copy
Responding to a SHA run, Jannah Brentlinger sends a ball flying directly over the plate for a strike.
IMG_1244 copy
Abigail Harper (9, #8) returns a ball to the pitcher’s mound after a SHA ball flys into the outfield.
IMG_1263 copy
Winding up to throw the ball, Shelby Dawson sends the ball flying to second for an attempted out.
IMG_1397 copy
Sadie Cohen (12, #22) leads of the base attempting to make a run.
IMG_1409 copy
Savannah Madison (12, #5) winds up to bat, making contact after a no hitter.
IMG_1426 copy
Shelby Dawson (12, #44) attempts to make an out on a SHA opponent stepping off base.
IMG_1465 copy
Sliding back to first, Bailey Macaluso (12, #23) remains safe after a close call.
IMG_1467 copy
Bailey Macaluso (12, #23) sprints towards second base, narrowly missing it for an out.