Juniors aim to meet ACT standards

Shantel Pettway

Earlier this week on March 6th the juniors went to their homerooms to take the ACT. Some for their first time, but others have prepared ahead of time to ensure they did their best. “I took the ACT in December of last year to prepare myself for what I was going into, I wasn’t as nervous as I would’ve been had I not tested beforehand,” said Morgan Redmond (11).

Before the class of 2014 actually tested, Mr. Wooldridge didn’t let the junior class forget how many days were left until their ACT. Those announcements are meant to encourage students to study and prepare to meet the “ 2014> 27” standard. “The announcements are intimidating. It was my first time taking the test and it was a lot more pressure on myself to take the ACT prep class to ensure I received a decent score,” said Kendra Ford (11).

The ACT countdown can be intimidating, but some some students believe it prepares students to do better and get into the habit of studying. “Some students may absentmindedly forget, or slack on studying; but the reminder gets us back in the zone.” said Destiny Witherspoon(11).

“I believe in duPont as a school of high standards …” The creed to our school is one strong example of why we are pushed so hard to maintain our prestigious reputation of being the best high school in the state. Students understand the seriousness that the ACT has on their future and also for the school. “This is Manual- you know upon entry that you have to be above average. The bar that was set for us was to get a 27 or better, I studied and did my best to uphold my part as a student,” said Trey Boyd (11).