PROFILE: Elliot Fowler, Missionary in the Dominican


Shantel Pettway

Elliot Fowler (12)  is fond of volunteering his time. Fowler doesn’t only do volunteer work for the sake of college admissions, he believes that helping others helps him grow as a person. Fowler spent his Spring Break in the Dominican Republic on a mission trip that is hosted by a youth group he participates in called G.O. Ministries, which is based in Louisville, but there are various establishments based in separate countries. G.O. Ministries takes groups to these countries to service others every Spring Break. “I have been with G.O a total of 4 times on mission trips, they all offer something new to learn,” said Fowler.

Fowler’s parents are the leaders of the mission trip to the Dominican Republic. His parents were the ones who actually got Fowler interested into going to the first of four trips he has went on. It wasn’t an unfamiliar field for him to enter into. Fowler has done quite a few missionary acts here in the city- from building houses to tutoring the youth. “My first thought about attending this trip was, if I can do it here, why can’t I tend the needs of others in other countries,” said Fowler.

When Fowler and the G.O. Ministries group got to the Dominican Republic they were split into two groups, medical and missionary. Fowler was a part of the missionary team who helped in build a medical center in the area. The construction that Fowler’s group did was finished in three days. Fowler also fed the hungry and taught Bible study classes in the church that was based in the area. On Sunday Fowler and his group rested and took in the natural beauty that was around them. “It was cool, because we came across a waterfall and we all chatted. It was time to relax and ease back into reality,” said Fowler.

To see the work that Fowler and his group did here’s the link: