Manual students retake the ACT & SAT

Haley Coble

This past weekend many Manual students took or retook the ACT. The SAT and ACT are both offered throughout the school year for freshmen and sophomores to take for practice, and for juniors to try and raise their score.

“I took the test this Saturday because the more I take it the more comfortable I will become with it,” said Louise Atherton (10). “I think it is good practice and even though I had to wake up early, I know it will pay off.”

Many juniors are already using their previous scores they received last month to improve on weaker areas and retake the ACT in the future.

“I was only a few points away from the score I wanted,” said Meryll Loy (11). “I am going to take it again soon but I’m really glad seized the opportunity to take it before junior year so that my score was already relatively high when it counted toward the school.”

There are many testing days coming up in the next few months. Contact Mr. Farmer for more information about specific dates and times.