Seniors Soakers 2013


Jackson Hull

In every high school across the country you will find quirky little traditions and customs that the senior class comes up with every year. Some typical traditions include Senior Skip Day, Senior Pranks, and the ever-contagious Senioritis. Years ago the seniors at DuPont Manual High School adopted a new tradition, Senior Soakers. The game is quite simple and has really made a splash in the senior class these past couple of years.

First, you pay a $2 entry fee to be put in the line-up. Then, the organizer of the event, Jacob Shpilberg, will randomly place you in the draw. Once the draw is complete, you will be assigned a target to soak. But keep in mind; while you’re focused on your target, someone’s focused on you. Once you’ve soaked your initial target, you will then be assigned their target and so on.  The game continues like this until all registered seniors have been eliminated and one competitor is crowned champion.

Manual Redeye will be posting keeping you updated with weekly top elimination stories, powerhouse rankings, etc. Stay tuned to Redeye for these updates.

There are currently 8 contestants left as of May, 23th.