Manual Boys’ lacrosse coach leaves for dream job


Manual boys’ lacrosse coach Devin Clifford announces that he will not be coming back to coach the lacrosse team next year.

He is moving to New Hampshire, and taking a job to coach lacrosse at a prestigious Prep school.

“It’s disappointing but we know that it’s his dream job and we are all happy for him and respect his decision,” said Brenton Wolford (10).

Clifford is beginning to look for a replacement coach for next year.

“The biggest thing I look for in a coach is how well he’s able to connect with the team. Any coach can go out onto the field and scream his head off until we get a play right, but it takes a good coach to know how each of his players learn, and be able to take the time to talk to them and make sure they understand anything they’re having trouble with,” said Ben Speelman (11).

The team doesn’t quite know what to expect when thinking of next year, but they are thinking positively.