Police Chief Steve Conrad addresses Manual students


Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad spoke to students at Manual on April 17, 2013 regarding his 5 sector plan to better the Metro area and make it the safest city in America. He commented on the media, recent terrorist attacks and new citizen advisory committees.
The Law Justice class, a unique course in criminal law taught by defense attorney Steve Schroering, hosted this lecture.

Sharing his own personal experiences, The Police Chief focused on the importance of early childhood development, civic involvement and the new program put in place to give high school students a voice.

“Community involvement is critical to police officers being able to do their job, there used to be a time where people would help their neighbor, but now more often than not people turn their head,” Chief Conrad said.

One program implemented only a small time ago through JCPS is the youth advisory committee that meets every two months for 90 minutes to discuss problems faced in the metro area from the perspective of a high school student. This is a two year commitment that Conrad had said offered a lot of intuition.

“When asked what we could do as police officers to make students feel safer, one person commented to ‘simply be nicer,’” Chief Conrad said. “It’s like we trained the nice out of [our officers].”