Gallery: Boys Lacrosse vs. Ballard High School

Holly Gravenkemper

The varsity boys lacrosse team played against their biggest rival, Ballard High School and were defeated after putting a hard fight.

Mitch Hook (12) and Ballard players collide after going after the ball up the field.
Micah Fletcher (10) defends a Ballard player, trying to keep him from making goal.
Micah Fletcher (10) and Thomas Hutto (12) communicate about what they need to do for their next play.
Tyler Johnson (12) being unable to play stays positive on the sideline helping guys on the field.
Corbin Mosser (12) gets ready for the game to start.
Mitch Hook (12) looks down the field looking for any open players while Parker McGuffy (11) looks on.
Thomas Hutto (12) runs down the field with the ball as a Ballard player is in close pursuit.
Chad Tevebaugh (12) runs around the goal with the ball avoiding Ballard’s defense.
Chad Tevebaugh (12) runs towards the goal looking for a chance or opening to shoot.
Thomas Hutto (12) takes off down the field making himself open for a pass.