Senior Soakers 2013: 26 students remain


Jackson Hull

Three weeks have now passed in this year’s Senior Soakers competition and the 154 students that were once in the original pool have now been chopped down to 26 very cautious, very aware seniors. The seniors that have made it this far have had a tough couple of weeks. In order to stay in, you must always be on your toes and be constantly vigilant. It’s exhausting and shows the true drive in the competitors.

The entry fee was $2 and there were 154 seniors, which means the winner will be walking away with over $300. That being said, the stakes are now higher for these remaining seniors. This is no longer just a silly game to play during your senior year, there’s serious money on the line and each of the 26 remaining seniors knows that they are that much closer to the cash.

“At first I kind of just entered because everyone did it and it seemed like fun, but now that I actually have a chance at the money, I’m not joking around any more. I want to win,” said Andrew Olson (12).

As the final eliminations area made, be sure to check for more information and updates.