A Senior’s Season Cut Short

Nathan Pierce

Casey Moore (12), was one of Manuals’s most talented and superior wrestlers. He was ranked 13th in the state and 2nd in the region. One week before regionals, Casey became ill, which was thought to be the common cold. After going two days without getting any better, Casey went to the doctor and found it was more than the common cold; it ended up being strep throat. Casey and his family were shocked by the news, but with regionals only four days away Casey was determined to wrestle that Friday.

Casey struggled to get better, but the medication from the doctor’s office was not working. Casey’s family was deeply concerned and returned to the hospital to figure out what was going on. After doing more test and  getting back more results, Casey was given the bad news. Casey had a combo of strep throat and mono. There was no way Casey could wrestle.

Casey was not only sad about not being able to wrestle, but he was also upset at the fact that he was unable to help out his team to finish off the season. “I really wanted to help boost my teams points and give them a better opportunity to at least win regionals,” said Casey Moore. “The only good thing about not being able to wrestle and the season over, was that I am able to eat whatever I want, but I would rather wrestle than eat fat food any day.

Even though Casey was unable to wrestle or compete in the regional and state competition, Casey went to Frankfort to show his support for his team with a few of the other wrestlers that did not make it to state. “It was kind of boring sitting there all day watching them wrestle, but I didn’t want to miss my last state tournament in my high school career and support my team. I also wanted to go watch my younger brother go compete at the tournament.”

Brock Moore (11), was very unhappy his brother was not wrestling. ” I really felt for my brother. I really wish he would have wrestled because it was his last state tournament, and also the fact that he would have done really well.”

Casey is slowly but surely getting over the fact that he missed his last state tournament. ” I am getting over the fact of not being able to wrestle anymore, but I know this will haunt me forever, and I will always think what if and what could have been if I competed in the state tournament.”