Senior Soakers 2013: Elimination of the Week


Jackson Hull

Since the Senior Soakers pool is now down to 26 students, eliminations are sparse. This week’s only elimination was on May 9 when Mitch Hook soaked Catherine Anderson. The attack occurred last night at a Manual baseball game. It was senior night for the baseball team, and since Anderson is friends with people on the team, Hook was fairly confident that Anderson would be in attendance.

He staked out the stadium, keeping a close eye out for Anderson’s car. “It took awhile but I wasn’t going to give up that easy,” Hook said. After a long period of patiently waiting for his prey, Hook’s eyes widened as he spotted his target’s car.

He wasn’t going to risk missing this opportunity, so Hook posted up behind a fence, where he would be out of sight from his target. Anderson, however, didn’t come unprepared. She walked in armed with a water pistol. She approached the ticket table, where she was just feet away from safety inside the baseball stadium.

She made one mistake, which would cost her a shot at the money. She put her water pistol under her arm to get her crimson card out of her wallet. Hook saw the opportunity and pounced on his defenseless target. That being said, one less senior is in the running for the $300. Stay tuned to for more updates.