Microwave only: Dorm room food prep

Eliza Coleman

On May 23, Ms. Cash’s Foods class participated in a “Microwave Only” lab. The students were not allowed to use anything other than microwaves and basic cutlery to prepare their food.

“A lof of these kids are going to college soon, and they had to look up and make recipes they could prepare in the dorm room,” said Foods teacher Mrs. Cash.

The foods class is divided into multiple groups, each with 6-8 students. Each group decided on the recipe they wanted to make. Recipes included BLT sandwiches, burgers, brownies made in bowls, coffee cake, risotto, ramen noodles, and baked potatoes.

“There are thirty something people in this class, and only 4 microwaves to use,” said Nina Espinueva (12) and she laid out bacon to be cooked in the microwave for a BLT.

“There are also people who aren’t even in this class, who come during lunch to use the microwaves,” said Sheila Zhang (12).

Despite the challenges, the groups were all successful in completing their finished products. “It was actually pretty easy,” said Austin Motley. Motley worked with Kylie King and his other teammates to create burgers cooked entirely in the microwave.

The Foods class is not done yet. For their final, they will be participating in “Fun Food Friday,” a lab activity where each group gets to decide what food to prepare.

Groups are graded based on their finished product, and their abilities to work together as a group and follow lab regulations.