Senior Soakers 2013: Final Four


Jackson Hull

What started as a mass competition that pitted seniors against each other in the fight for a $300 prize has now been whittled down to a four-man (woman) mind game that has the remaining competitors watching their every move in an effort to stay in the running for the money.

There are now 7 more days of school and by the end of those 7 days, a victor will emerge. This means that it is a free for all; any of the remaining four competitors are a potential target for each other. With each competitor that much closer to the money, tensions are getting high and they are stepping up their game.

The remaining seniors are Andrew Olsen, Isabel Smith, Harrison Hill, and Brook Harness. Other seniors are now making bets as to who will come out on top. “I think Brook is going to win because she’s sneaky and I would just like to see her win,” said Lizzie Wiseman.

Stay tuned to for more information and updates about Senior Soakers until a winner is crowned.