Senior Wisdom: Phillip Rash


Julian E. Wright

Rash, Phillip


Name: Phil Rash

Magnet: HSU

Claim to fame? Being that crazy kid….I get that all the time people think I’m actually “mentally unstable”

What are your plans after graduation? Go to U of L with a Air Force ROTC scholarship. Stay in the Air Force for awhile. Make a career out of flying.
3 things you learned at Manual:
1) It super easy to get away with pretty much anything
2) Rumors spread like ______ in a _____ ______.
3) Last semester of high school is a joke. Seniorits is a real thing

 “Back in my day…” I was proud of my high school football team.

Any regrets? Oh yeah lots of things I would’ve changed but at the same time everything I did from education to my social life was awesome.









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