Louisville hosts 9th annual Zombie Walk


A zombie king eagerly awaits the walk.

Brittany Nelson

On Aug. 29, Louisville hosted the 9th annual zombie walk in the Bardstown Road area. The Zombie Walk in Louisville is considered one of the biggest zombie gatherings in the world . What began as two friends having a zombie-themed birthday party, has grown into a major event including up to twenty thousand people.

Every year, John King, Lyndi Lou, and Mike Welsh organize this free Zombie Walk which includes an actual zombie walk through the streets, musical entertainment, and after parties. It is often located at places in Louisville such as The Hideaway, Judge Roy Beans, Bearnos, Barret Bar and The Monkey Wrench. This year’s entertainment acts included All Dead, the Revenants, Vice Tricks, Pelts, and Squeeze Bot.

The event began with a pre-walk meet up at The Back Door and at exactly 8:29, the walk itself started. Various Bardstown stores helped support the festivities some places even renaming themselves as “Zombie Defense Stations”. At the start time, every zombie poured down Bardstown to the left and kept going as the audience cheered them on from the side.

Returning zombies still found something special about the event and many dressed head to toe in their zombie outfits. “I’ve been before, I dress up differently every year,” said Christian Dospel (12). Dospel was dressed in a trench coat, cowboy boots, and a fedora, zombie-style. The zombies were interactive with each other. “Of course, I chased people, it’s only natural,” Dospel said.

Zombie walks fall on 8/29 at 8:29 every year beginning at Mid-City Mall, it is free for all ages.