Today’s Tech: iOS 7


Travis Ryan

With the release of the two newest iPhones, Apple launched its iOS7 operating system for the iPhones this week. After taking some time to get used to it, I think this is a great update well worthy of the download, if not a little too flashy.

From the start you’ll notice a new design approach. The days of a uniform black background with similar little icons in a sleek but simple style are over. Seemingly straight out of a Samsung advertisement, the new design uses bright gradients and a thinner modern font. It’s a bold move from Apple to move their design in the direction of a Droid, conceding that their simple design may not be as appealing as it was half a decade ago.

A clear improvement is the new lock screen menu that puts the flashlight, calculator, volume, and many other useful tools at much more convenient reach. The music interface is redone as well, with larger album portraits and less fitting on the screen at once, a minor detail that I continue to find problematic.

My personal favorite addition to the iPhone is iTunes Radio. As a long-time Pandora fan sick of continuous advertisements, I was delighted to find that iTunes Radio is essentially the same thing with more options for customization and no ads. Though it still has some clear tweaking that needs done. (My Snow Patrol station refuses to play anything but the same two Slipknot songs over and over. I still haven’t figured this one out.)

Though some have criticized iOS 7, this is typical for such an upgrade. The visual design is a matter of opinion, but the new intefaces are, for the most part, an undoubted improvement. This is an impressive move from Apple, and the ball is in Samsung’s court.