High School Nation comes to Manual for two-hour festival


Travis Ryan

The travelling music and arts assembly High School Nation will be coming to Manual tomorrow with an assembly for students that will cut short the school day.

The assembly will last two hours and will include interactive booths about music, photography, gaming, and other options set up in a carnival style. There will also be a live music performance from the organization. The event is free to all students and will begin at 12:30 with all classes lasting only 50 minutes. All students in the school will be asked to attend.

High School Nation has worked for the past ten years with both middle and high schools to provide experience in digital and performing arts. Featured artists performing include actor and singer Trevor Jackson, the pop-rock group Stamps, and the Asian pop group Blush.

In an e-mail to teachers, Mr. Crady said “The High School Nation experience is provided by national corporate sponsors. This is an opportunity [for] our students to have some fun exploring future career opportunities. It will be a lot of fun for the teachers as well.” Activities for students will include playing instruments, painting on canvas, learning about DJ-ing, and working with TV production and green screen filming.

The organization works with nearly 20 tour partners including Ford, Yamaha, and Gibson.

Learn more about High School Nation here on their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.