The Ridiculam: Students claim High School Nation came on Tuesday


Farren Vaughan

From 12:30 to 2:20 on Tuesday, hundreds of students claimed the whole school went to an event called “High School Nation.” Administrators and teachers, however, said that everyone remained in class.

“High School Nation was amazing. The whole school went out to the practice field. Basically it ended up being a pop punk concert for everyone,” said Lindsey Wallbig (11). “Plus, we got free stuff. It was so fun, and way better than being in fourth block.”

“It felt like a miniature Warped Tour,” said Jack Dawson (9).

High School Nation, sponsored by the John Lennon Foundation, apparently aims to strengthen the arts at high schools across the country and provide concert entertainment to high schools across the country.

But the faculty insists that Manual was not one of those high schools.

“I’m telling you, every Manual student was in the building until 2:20,” said Mr. Greg Kuhn (AP). “I’ve never even heard of ‘High School Nation’. And it definitely never came here. Man, teenagers say stupid things.”

Teachers said all their students were in class.

“Red 4 on Tuesday was like any other day. My English class took a test and we talked about the rhetorical strategies of good writing,” said Ms. Amanda Wise (English).

Students tweeted under the hashtags #hsnmanual and #highschoolnation about their experiences. Students tweeted things like “Mr. Mayes has done it again” and “that was SO awesome. Manual is the greatest.”

This is a satirical article and is meant to be read as such. Students’ names are invented and are not intended to represent specific Manual students or situations.