National Merit Semifinalists announced for the class of 2014


National Merit Semifinalists gather Sept. 5 to take a photo

Julia Nguyen

Twenty-eight seniors were named Semifinalists in the 2014 National Merit Scholarship Program: Jingjing Xiao, Cara Jennings, Mary King, Nadia Almasalkhi, Cate Heine, Samantha Moorin, Caroline Folz, Brigette Schuman, Hellary Zhang, Induja Nimma, Aruna Ganti, Ophelia Vedder, Alangoya Tezel, Amy Pan, Jiahui Hu, Breckenridge Stodghill, Jonathan Yi, Griffin Cobb, Thomas Neuteufel, Brian Yuen, James Miller, Ryan Voor, Jesse Shelburne, Aaron Mueller, Samuel Koby, Wesley Overstreet, Aaditya Manirajan, and Choong-Won Jin.

National Merit Achievement Semifinalists were Brittany Nelson, Tristan Williams, Raymond Robinson and Jacob Markert.

These seniors, along with the rest of the senior class, participated in the 59th annual scholarship program by taking the Preliminary-SAT during their junior year. By taking this test, these students entered the National Merit Scholarship Program and by meeting the requirements in order to become National Merit Scholar Semifinalists that included a cutoff score of 211 (for the state of Kentucky) on the PSAT. Approximately 1.5 million students enter the National Merit program each year, but only 16,000 students qualify for semifinalist standing.

The National Merit Scholarship Program will notify the school in February which students have achieved finalist status. In order to achieve Finalist standing, students have to take the SAT, if they have not already, and match or do better than their score for their PSAT, along with filling out an application to become a finalist. In the Spring 2014, about 8,000 students from the Finalist group will be notified that they are Merit Scholars.