GALLERY: Gaslight Festival returns with another successful year


The Jeffersonrown High School marching band followed the Junior R.O.T.C. with their instruments, and they played in synchroniation.

Marissa Mitchell

The Gaslight Festival has been held every year in the Jeffersontown area since 1969. From Sept. 15 to Sept. 22, The Chamber Jeffersontown hosted the 44th Gaslight Festival. It has been recorded as the fifth largest festival in the region, and one of the top 20 festivals in the Southeast. According to, the Jeffersontown website, an estimated 200,000 citizens attend every year.

The week long event is full of fun as well as interesting traditions. This includes the annual Gaslight Parade, a car show, a motorcycle rally, a balloon glow, and much more.

To go along with the events, over 150 art, crafts, and commercial booths are set up across the closed roads, appealing to attendees of all ages.

The Gaslight Festival is simply a large event for the people of Jeffersontown– as well as Louisville– to come together and be a part of the tradition.