Local news anchor gets involved in Twitter war

Local news anchor gets involved in Twitter war

Ian Johnson

Local WAVE 3 reporter John Boel decided to join in on the “Twitter war” known as #roastmas between Manual and Male students during the week leading up to the Old Rivalry game.

Boel, whose daughter attends Male, used the hashtag “#TweetLikeYouGoToManual” to poke fun at Manual through his official WAVE 3 account, but some people said that the tweets were unprofessional and inappropriate.

“It went too far,” said Robel Abate (11, HSU) who saw Boel’s tweets. “He wasn’t just a parent getting involved in a rivalry. He is considered a public figure and I thought it went too far.”

“I thought to have a supposedly mature adult who is in the media business to get involved with tweeting, or the use of social media that way” was unprofessional, said Manual principal Jerry Mayes, who admitted he wished he could speak with Boel personally.

Boel did not respond to attempts to contact him for comment.

“Mr. Boel needs to understand his responsibility as a responsible media person to take seriously his leadership role,” said Mayes. “It just shows that maturity has no correlation with age.”

Boel deleted the tweets after receiving harsh feedback from Manual students and local media critics.

Boel is an accomplished news anchor in the Louisville area and has amassed 75 Emmy awards over his 22-year career.

Before working at WAVE, Boel was dismissed from his position at WLKY in 2010 after DUI charges.