Student organizes new collaborative art project


Amanda Tu

This year, Avery Holland (12, YPAS) launched Crimson Cartography, a creative project for Manual students in which participants draw a representation of their individual high school experience within an image of Manual’s outline.

“The goal is for each student to create a unique ‘map’ of their experience as a Crimson,” she said. “When we put them all together, they are as diverse and creative as Manual. The submissions are all scanned and uploaded to a Tumblr, so that everyone can see the pieces.”

Holland modeled Crimson Cartography after ‘Mapping Manhattan’, a similar undertaking in New York City. Another ‘mapping’ project also took place in Boston, Mass.

Students chose to illustrate their experiences in many different ways. “I decided to draw the courtyard and the hallways during spirit week,”  said Misha Haq (10, MST). “I love how much spirit we have, and I wanted to represent that.”

Others created more abstract images. “I drew a collage of flowers and swirls that surrounded the letters ‘MST”, for the name of my magnet,” said Namuunaa Nadmid (10, MST). “The rest of the design represents my passion for art and creating patterns.”

Crimson Cartography is                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ongoing, and submissions will be accepted in the office or by Mr. Kingsley during lunch until the project’s currently undetermined end date.