Today’s tech: What phone should you pick?


Chase Cannon

With all the phones out right now, the choice of which phone fits you the best is a difficult one. There’s a phone for you, you just have to know whereto look.  It all depends on what you want in a phone. Want a good camera? What about one good for playing games? What about one with big screen?


For the photographers

If you like taking beautiful photos without carrying around a separate camera, here are some phones for you:

Nokia Lumia 1020: The Lumia 1020 without a doubt has the best camera on the market. Stunting a 41 megapixel camera, it takes fast and crisp photos weather they are up close or far away. It is a windows phone, which depending on your preference is a good or bad thing.

Samsung Galaxy S4 or S4 Zoom: The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a terrific phone all around, and it takes amazing photos. They may not be as good as the 1020, but it makes up for it with its great speed and features. The S4 Zoom is for those that want the s4, but want it to look like a camera. If you barely use your phone for anything but photos, but still want the cool s4 features, you might like the zoom.


For the music lovers

If you love to listen to music and can’t deal with bad music players or low quality, these phones are for you:

iPhone 5s: iTunes is arguably the best music player you can find. It’s well designed, organized, and easy to use. its also easy to transfer music from iTunes on your computer to your phone and offers a lot of control over what you want on your phone. The iPhone is also the highest selling phone in the world, and for a pretty good reason, it has a great operating system, fast speeds, and a great selection of apps through it’s app store.

HTC One: The HTC one is probably the best phone out right now when it comes to music. It has great audio quality and two large speakers on the top and bottom of the screen that are very loud and clear, they’re great for sharing music and videos with your friends. I recommend using the fairly new Google music player instead of the player made by HTC because its easier to use and looks much better. The One runs android under its Sense UI, which is much better than most of it’s competitors. It has a great processor and is among the top five phones among critics.

For the powerful

If you like to push your phone to its limit, whether through games or constant use, these are phones to consider.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3: The note is powerful and has one of the best batteries on the market, only slightly worse than the Droid Maxx. It’s great for playing games with it’s fast speed and huge 5.7 in screen. It has an improved S pen, which offers cool features for writing and multitasking. It’s also currently the only phone compatible with the new galaxy gear, samsung’s first smart-watch, if you’re into it.

Motorola Droid Maxx: For purely its amazing battery, this is a good phone to have. Motorola advertises 48 hours on one charge with mixed usage. Its a good phone all around, but not as good as something like the Galaxy S4 or HTC One.


For the people that just want a good smartphone.

If you don’t fall under any of these categories and just want an all around good phone, here are the phones for you:

iPhone 5s or 5c: These are the phones most people that are getting into smartphones get. With their good performance, easy and pretty interface, and iTunes, they are never a bad choice for a phone. The only real difference between the two is that the 5s has better performance and a fingerprint sensor where the home button is. The 5c makes up for that with it’s plastic body, instead of metal like every other iPhone, and it’s a 100 dollars cheaper.

Google Nexus 5: Google’s new flagship Nexus is a good one. It has performance levels on par with the top phones, its got the new android operating system, Kitkat, and it looks nice. If you want an all around great phone, but would rather have an android over an iPhone, the Nexus is a great choice.