YPAS debuts Urinetown


Avery Rondinelli

This Friday, the YPAS Musical Theater department will premiere the musical Urinetown on the YPAS Main Stage. The Tony award-winning musical has been met with praise and controversy.

Urinetown premiered in 2001 and immediately took off on the Broadway stage. It tells the story of Bobby Strong, an assistant urinal custodian and his affairs in the fictional world in which the use of toilets are strictly regulated. The musical satirizes the politics of modern America and is in a style reflective of musicals such as Les Misérables.

While the Broadway performance of Urinetown won numerous awards, the YPAS cast put their own take on the musical in a unique style. “I think that the show itself is really witty,” said Adam Herp (11,YPAS), who plays Bobby Strong. “ It’s a really mind-boggling experience.”

The cast has members who range from all of the grades at Manual. “This has probably been the best musical I have ever worked on,” said Olivia Renfro (11, YPAS), who plays Ms. Millenium. “The story is great, and the cast works really well together.”

Urinetown will be on the YPAS stage from November 22-23 and December 6-7 at 7:30. Matinees will also be performed during school hours. Admission is $9-12.