PTSA organizes new Partners for Excellence campaign


Amanda Tu

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This month, the PTSA announced the latest fundraiser, called Partners for Excellence. The campaign, whose goal is to raise $29,100 by February, is intended to raise money for a new Air-Phone security system and an upgraded Wi-Fi network.

“I had a meeting with Mr. Mayes in September to brainstorm possible fundraising goals for our campaign,” said Sondra Wojciak, Partners for Excellence Co-Chair. “Despite coming up with many needs, these two stood out from all the others. Manual, unlike some other schools, does not receive any outside funds from local, state, or federal government to fund such projects.”

The duration of this fundraiser will depend on the amount of money raised, specifically the amount dedicated to purchasing the improved Wi-Fi system. “We are very close to having the funds for the Air-Phone system so as soon as we have those funds, it will be installed. My hope is that this will be done by Christmas,” said Wojciak. “The Wi-Fi works through towers strategically placed around the school. At the end of the campaign, we will install however many towers we have the money for. Depending on how many we purchase, we will decide if this will proceed into a two year campaign or not.”

This year’s Partners for Excellence campaign differs from past initiatives in several ways. For example, donors now have the opportunity to contribute online via PayPal. Additionally, while letters explaining the fundraiser have been mailed home in the past, they were distributed during English class this year. This switch was made in order to increase awareness and mitigate the cost of postage.

Not only the administrators, but many students support the campaign as well. “This year’s campaign is very important,” said Sherry Wang (11, HSU). “Because of the poor Wi-Fi, there are a lot of resources that we are unable to use to their full potential, like the iPads. I don’t know as much about the security buzzers, but I’m sure that a newer one would provide a better first impression of our school to potential visitors.”

Those wishing to contribute may make an online donation via PayPal here.