Student Izaak Prats gets rare opportunity with Google Glass

Student Izaak Prats gets rare opportunity with Google Glass

Brennan Tucker


Last Saturday, Izaak Prats (12, YPAS) received an invitation from Google to be a part of the Glass Explorer Program, a promotion by Google to sell and distribute 10,000 Google Glasses worldwide. Google notified Prats in response to his application submitted last year.

The product, which costs $1500, was initially only available to high-class developers, but is now open to non developers through an application on the website.  Due to the high cost, Prats is currently fundraising through Go Fund Me, and promising time with the glasses to anyone that pledges (ten dollars for one hour, 20 dollars for two hours, etc.). Prats hopes to have donors use the glasses during study skills blocks or after school.

“Mr. Mayes fully supports the idea of raising money,” said Prats.

“This will be the new thing. [Google] wants everyone to know what Google Glass is, and this is their way of doing it,” said Prats. “I look forward to being able to see what’s the forefront of technology. This is what everyone’s going to be wearing in two, three, four, five years.”

Prats believes Google Glass is a cool new piece of technology, but also a valuable tool for educational purposes. “I’m really looking forward to taking this and applying it to education. There’s a lot of things you can do with technology and education that people haven’t thought of, and people need to start thinking of,” said Prats.