JCPS closed Friday due to inclement weather


Farren Vaughan

JCPS announced that school would be closed and all extracurricular activities cancelled on Friday, Dec. 6 due to the afternoon forecast of ice and snow. The cancellation will be made up on Feb. 26, 2014.

Toni Konz, a Courier-Journal reporter, said that the district received various opinions on potential road conditions from meteorologists before deciding to close.

“I wouldn’t want any of my friends (or any student for that matter) to get in any kind of accident,” said Nico Palania (12). “So I think that it’s for the best for students to stay home today.”

With final exams being one week away, today’s cancellation will shorten red day teachers’ class time before the final exam.

“I don’t think missing school today will affect our finals in any way,” said Sydney Stewart (11). “Missing school was necessary to keep everybody safe.”

Other students plan to use the day to catch up homework and study.

“I think this snow day is worth it because it gives me an extra day to catch up on homework and prepare for finals,” said Nico Palania (12).

Some students are upset about the snow day, though. Urinetown, a YPAS production, will be cancelled for tonight.

“I am very disappointed about the cancellation today,” said Olivia Renfro (11). “There is a possible chance of a Sunday matinee being scheduled, but some of the cast members have to work, so none of us know what’s going to happen. We’re all very upset and very anxious to see how it plays out.”

Male student Garrett Price sounded patriotic when looking on the bright side.

“I am a happy American who not only is pleasantly surprised that school closed, but the fact that it was a Friday gives us a three day weekend to enjoy,” Price said.