Basement Films: Bats vs. Birds

Sean Strain

I have to admit, I have had a penchant for anything superhero related since I watched the Batman cartoon when I was little. I was never a big comic book reader and I mostly stick to superhero depictions outside of the comic medium. I mean, if you look at any wikipedia page for any superhero, you suddenly realize that many memorable superheroes have been around for decades and thus trying to figure out what is currently happening in the story would take a year-long archive binge.

Onto the topic, I was watching an animated movie called Batman/Superman: Apocalypse which, despite the title, was apparently meant to be one huge fan service as we watch a group of beautiful women fighting each other more than seeing either of the titular characters fight. Yet, this movie made me remember one thing: Batman is superior to Superman.

Yeah, Superman is faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and so on. On Batman’s side, he has those cool gadgets and a cunning mind. Plus, his abilities are not so annoying as Superman who’s only weakness is a rare green rock that gives his enemies cancer.

Even in the movie itself it is evident that Batman is the better hero. At the film’s climax, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman travel to another planet to fight the movie’s Big Bad. While Superman gets curb stomped and Wonder Woman gets entangled in the designated girl fight, Batman uses his wits to outsmart the villain and place him in a position that will force him to concede defeat. Although the Big Bad randomly appears at the end to fight Superman, the only reason Supes wins is because he opens a portal to throw the villain to the other side of the galaxy. I think he copped out of getting curb stomped a second time.

You may be wondering now if this was an important topic and I have to reply, yes it was. Even moreProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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mportant than the astronauts vs. cavemen.