Twitter’s “Rapper Emulator” Schama Noel released mixtape on December 15


The cover of Schama Noel’s new mixtape “God’s Playlist” Provided by Noel.

Marissa Mitchell

The cover of Schama Noel's new mixtape "God's Playlist" Provided by Noel.
The cover of Schama Noel’s new mixtape “God’s Playlist” Provided by Noel.

Schama Noel (19), also known as the Twitter-famous “Rapper Emulator,” recently released his long-awaited, 12-track mixtape “God’s Playlist” to his Twitter followers.

Many of Noel’s followers downloaded his mixtape through a number of websites, but one of the better-known websites removed Noel’s mixtape, claiming that Noel had “fake views” on his featured page. Noel’s mixtape is now featured on a popular hip-hop website,, where it has been viewed by over 15,000 people and downloaded almost 2,000 times.

Noel began as an aspiring rapper through YouTube by commenting his own raps on popular hip-hop videos so that viewers would read them. It wasn’t until the owner (@Bargathi) of the uprising Twitter Account @OnlyHipHopFacts— who later became Noel’s manager– saw one of Noel’s comments and was immediately impressed. This was what inspired Noel to create a Twitter account where he would emulate the rhyme patterns of famous rappers and share it with his followers.

“I would gain hundreds of followers daily. I knew this would launch my rapping career, so I decided to release a mixtape in December and reveal my identity,” Noel said.

Today, Noel’s Twitter page is followed by over 33,000 users and the numbers continue to rise. His followers give both positive and negative feedback through his Twitter page, and occasionally from the rappers he emulates.

“A lot of people hate on the fact that I’m rapping like other rappers because it’s unoriginal, but actually what I do has never been done before,” Noel said. “I pretty much shut those haters up every time I release a song because being able to rap like any rapper doesn’t mean I don’t have a style of my own.”

After anticipation of revealing his identity, Noel is relieved that Twitter users can now put a name and face to his rhymes.

“I feel as if a great burden has been lifted from my shoulders. I also have time to prepare myself and better myself for an even bigger project next year,” Noel said.