Senate Race Update: Lundergan Grimes’ third party woes


Ian Johnson

A third party candidate is making some waves in the Kentucky Senate race, and for once, it isn’t Matt Bevin.

 Independent liberal candidate Ed Marksberry claimed that an unnamed person close to the father of Democratic candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes offered him money and a job if Marksberry were to drop out of the race.

 A Lundergan Grimes’ campaign official denied the claims.

Whether or not the 15-page document is true or not, it is certainly going to damage the reputation of Lundergan Grimes, especially with the race in a deadlock according to a December 17th poll.

But are the accusations true? Probably not. Marksberry was far behind power players Mitch McConnell, Matt bevin and Lundergan Grimes in polls (although he is in first place for best campaign song). It would be unlikely that Lundergan Grimes would try to buy out another candidate, but the allegations of her father Jerry Lundergan offering a bribe are more believable.

Meanwhile, Lundergan Grimes has officially announced her campaign for US Senate. At a candidacy paper signing last Thursday, she vowed to work towards equal pay for woman and raising the minimum wage.