JCPS cancels school for the fifth time

Farren Vaughan

JCPS closed school today, Jan. 21, due to “the forecast for inclement weather.” The final day of school, now June 6, leaves the Class of 2014’s graduation date to be determined.

The last week of February, which is the make-up week for cancellations, was initially limited to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (2/26, 2/27 and 2/28) because Monday and Tuesday (2/24 and 2/25) are reserved as days off for students as professional development days. With today’s snow day being the fifth of the school year, two of the days will be made up in June (6/5 and 6/6).

High school graduation for JCPS, usually held at Freedom Hall, has yet to be set for the 19 schools.

“I would rather be out of school in the winter,” said Alexa Pence (12). “I was perfectly content staying in bed all day today. Let’s be real, the end of senior year is going to be the best part of high school.”

JCPS will operate on a two-hour delay tomorrow, Jan. 22.