OPINION: Flappy Bird is the newest craze

OPINION: Flappy Bird is the newest craze

Chase Cannon

Flappy Bird, its the mobile game sweeping the nation. It’s the number one download on Apple’s app store, and the most talked about game in America. The concept is simple, you control a slightly overweight bird as it flies, or flaps, its wings through narrow gaps. What is it about this game that has everyone glued to his or her screen?

One reason is its simplicity. All you do is tap the screen. One tap is the equivalent of one flap of the birds tiny but strong wings. The only goal of the game is to pass through as many narrow gaps of green pipes resembling the pipes in the Super Mario Bros. games that you can before you hitting either the pipes or the ground, passing one gap gives you one point, and you build up your high score to show off to your friends. The basic concept of the game makes it accessible to just about everyone who owns a Smartphone.

Despite its basic concept, the game is insanely frustrating, a majority of new players don’t even get one point on the first try, one tap makes the bird fly up a quick and large height. Every tap has to be well timed in order to pass through the gaps, and the gaps are very close, adding even more difficulty. Despite it’s difficulty, it is very addicting, every loss keeps you tapping on the replay button to try to beat your high score. Play it a couple of times, and just about anyone will be hooked.

A third reason is it’s availability, the game is available on both iOS and Android phones, considering a large percentage of the population have one of those devices, just about anyone can get it. Then add the fact that the game is free, and you have a perfect equation for a popular mobile game.

I have no doubt this will be just a fad as were Draw Something and Words With Friends before it. But in a time dominated by Smartphones, 2014 is beginning with Flappy Bird. Warning: there is no turning back from the Flappy Bird.