Dr. Rash leaving Manual for position at Moore


Amanda Tu

Dr. Rash (Mathematics) will be leaving Manual for a CART (college and career readiness) resource teacher position at Moore Traditional High School.

Currently, Dr. Rash teaches AP Statistics and Advanced Pre-Calculus.

“My son graduated from Manual last year, and this has been my tenth year,” he said. “I had planned to try to move into administration after my son left, so this is a step in that direction. Even though I will be a resource teacher helping to raise standardized test scores, I will be out of the classroom, and it’s a stepping stone to potentially becoming an assistant principal.”

According to Ms. Meng, the school is currently in the process of reassigning Dr. Rash’s classes to both existing Manual teachers and a potential new hire. Ms. Margaret Mattingly, the current co-sponsor of National Honor Society, will be taking over the organization full-time, although Dr. Rash has indicated that he might continue to work with both NHS and his math classes.

“I will continue to help Ms. Mattingly and whoever takes over my classes in any way possible,” he said. “I have talked to Mr. Doak, and if he ends up taking over the AP stats classes, I could come to work with him and make sure that everyone’s in line with what they need to be getting for the AP test.”

As he is leaving between semesters, many students are concerned as to what the rest of the year will hold. “I was devastated when I heard that Dr. Rash was leaving,” said Uma Subrayan (10, MST). “He is such a great teacher and an even more amazing person. I have learned so much from him, and I hate to see him go. I am kind of worried about the AP test now, since he is leaving before we finished the chapters. It might be okay, though, because he might return to hold afternoon study sessions for us.”

As of now, Dr. Rash’s last day is expected to be Friday, Jan. 31, although this is subject to change.