Enrichments: Episode 4

Enrichments: Episode 4

Peter Champelli

One of the best things about a diverse, large school like duPont Manual is the afterschool clubs. There are clubs for everything, from chess to German minigolf. This series will venture into each club at Manual, three at a time.

French Scrabble Club

French Scrabble Club from duPont Manual on Vimeo.

Ms. Walsh (Foreign Language) and Mr. Yassine (Foreign Language), two of the French teachers, are the teacher advisors of the French Scrabble club, a competitive club. Although they go to many competitions with other JCPS schools, they favor the club as fun, stress-free practice in French. Watch this video to see if you’d be a fit to this club.



Debate Team

Debate Team from duPont Manual on Vimeo.

Debate is a competitive, determined, and no-nonsense team. As the Enrichment reporters venture into the latter part of clubs and organizations, Kate Garrett (head of debate team) gives us the mental tour of some of the brightest minds found in all the magnets.


National Art Honor Society

National Art Honor Society (NAHS) from duPont Manual on Vimeo.

This club is for the passionate, rather than the skillful. The co-captains of the National Art Honor Society welcome any and all Manual students, regardless of talent, to join them in yearly projects.